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A new genus and four new species of chigger mites (Acari Trombiculidae) from Madagascar

A.A. Stekolnikov and A. Fain

Belgian Journal of Entomology, 6(2): 337-352 (2004).


A new genus of chigger mites, Brygoovia gen. n., with the species B. opluri sp. n. is described from an Iguanid lizard collected on Madagascar. The new genus is close to the genus Vatacarus Southcott, 1957 s.s., but differs in the absence of neosomy during engorgement, SB not widely separated (scutum not telostigmal), anterolateral shoulders of scutum absent, AW < PW versus AW >= PW, sensilla barbed in distal part only versus sensilla barbed from near their bases, and presence of two tibialae on leg III. Three new species of Schoengastiine chiggers, Schoengastia murina sp. n., Sch. anguina sp. n., and  Schoutedenichia subterranea sp. n. are also described from Madagascarian mammals and reptiles. Sch. murina is similar to Sch. radfordi nottei Vercammen-Grandjean, 1958, but differs in fPp = B/B/NBB versus B/N/NNB, longer PL (78—86 versus 60), AP = 29—34 versus 24, and longer legs (Ip = 965 versus 784). Sch. anguina resembles Sch. madecassa Andre, 1949, but differs in having palpal femoral and genual setae nude (fPp = N/N/NNN versus B/B/NNN), and in somewhat different form of scutum (SB not so close to each other, scutum relatively wider, its posterior margin biconvex versus rounded in Sch. madecassa). Schoutedenichia subterranea resembles Sch. paraxeri Vercammen-Grandjean, 1958, but differs in having nude galeala, lesser number of idiosomal setae (NDV = 102—107 versus 130), shorter setae (AM = 16—18, AL = 16—22, PL = 29—30, H = 28—29 versus 28, 30, 43, and 44 respectively), and shorter legs (Ip = 622—628 versus 781). A new host genus, Microgale Thomas, 1882 (Tenrecidae), is reported for Schoutedenichia tiptoni Vercammen-Grandjean et Watkins, 1965.

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