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New data on chigger mites of the subfamily Leeuwenhoekiinae (Acari: Trombiculidae) parazitizing bats in Cuba

M. Daniel and A.A. Stekolnikov

Acarina. Russian Journal of Acarology, 10(2): 149-154 (2002).


The genus Ischnothrombium Feider, 1983 is synonymized with Whartonia Ewing, 1944. Redescription of Whartonia diploctenum (Feider, 1983) comb.n. is given from the larvae collected in nature. A new species, Whartonia delacruzi sp.n. from Cuban bats is described. The new species close to W. diploctenum and differs from the latter by larger number of idiosomal setae (NDV=178—184 vs. 114—131), lesser lengths of setae (AL=40—45 vs. 49—61, PL=49—57 vs. 68—86, Dmax=42—46 vs. 54—58), AM>PL vs. PL>AM, SB on level of PL bases against SB clearly anteriad to level of PL bases, distance between SB is as long as distance between them and PL bases (SB=31—37 vs. 28—30 in W. diploctenum) and in shape of scutum: posterolateral projections of scutum absent, scutum broader in anterior part (AW=89—94 vs. 94—106), posterior scutal margin more prominent posteriad to PL bases (P-PL=15—16 vs. 5—14), AP=32—38 vs. 40—49. Wagenaaria similis Brennan, 1967 is reported from a new locality in Cuba; morphological data are provided.

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