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On the systematics of the genus Eutonella Kudryashova, 1988 (Acari: Trombiculidae)

A.A. Stekolnikov

Acarina. Russian Journal of Acarology, 9(1): 97-104 (2001).


A new species, Eutonella kudryashovae sp. n., is described from the North-Eastern Turkey. The new species differs from all other Eutonella by branched galeal seta. It is similar most of all with E. muljarskajae and differs from this species, besides branched galeal seta, by the absence of anterolateral shoulders of the scutum, slightly more numerous idiosomal setae (NDV=117—121 vs. 93—105), less broad scutum (PW=77 vs. 80—91) and shorter scutal and idiosomal setae (PL=49—51 vs. 56—65, H=54—57 vs. 59—67)

Five species formerly included into the genus Neotrombicula Hirst, 1925 are transferred to the genus Eutonella: E. blanfordi (Kudryashova, 1977) comb. n., E. horti (Kudryashova, 1977) comb. n., E. sciuricola (Kolebinova, 1970) comb. n., and E. serbovae (Kolebinova, 1972) comb. n. One species, Neotrombicula iranensis Goff et Saboori, 1998, is moved to the synonym of Eutonella blanfordi (Kudryashova, 1977) comb. n. Eutonella crinita (Schluger, 1966) is recorded in Turkey for the first time. The ecogeographical variability is revealed in this species: the specimens from high-mountain localities show greater values of the lengths of setae.

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