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New species and records of chiggers (Acariformes: Trombiculidae) from birds of the Neotropics

Stekolnikov A.A., Capek M., Literák I.

Zootaxa, 5141 (6): 501–552 (2022).


The study focuses on chigger mites parasitizing bird hosts in three countries of Latin America, Costa Rica, Paraguay, and Peru. In total, 785 chiggers collected from 145 birds of 67 species have been identified. Three new species have been described: Eutrombicula talamancensis sp. nov., from ten bird species in Costa Rica, Eutrombicula cathari sp. nov., from two species of the genus Catharus Bonaparte, 1850 in Costa Rica, and Eutrombicula gonzalezi sp. nov., from three bird species in Paraguay. Eutrombicula helleri (Oudemans, 1911), considered as a synonym of Eutrombicula goeldii (Oudemans, 1910) since 1949, has been restored as a separate species. Re-descriptions of E. helleri, E. goeldii, and Eutrombicula pacae (Floch and Fauran, 1957) have been provided based on new materials. Five species have been for the first time recorded in Paraguay, four in Peru, and two in Costa Rica. Five species have been for the first time recorded on bird hosts. Data on a geographic morphometric variability of E. helleri and Blankaartia sinnamaryi (Floch and Fauran, 1956) have been provided. Co-occurrence of two (three, in one case) chigger species on one host individual has been recorded in 17% of birds.

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