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New data on fauna and systematics of chiggers of the autumnalis group (Trombiculidae: Neotrombicula)

A.A. Stekolnikov

Parazitologiya, 31(6): 527-542 (1997) (In Russian, English summary).


Study of the species group autumnalis in the genus Neotrombicula is carried out. Composition of the group and diagnoses of species are changed, data on intraspecific variability are reported. A new species, N. oculata sp. n., is described. The new species is similar to N. turkestanica Kudryashova, 1993 and differs from it in having disproportionaly large eyes, little more numerous setae of idiosoma (NDV=66-78 vs. 58-69) and in their lesser lengths (D[mean]=41-46 vs. 45-49), and in lesser width of scutum (AW=71 vs. 76). One species, N. alexandrae Stekolnikov, 1993, is synonymized with N. delijani Kudryashova, 1977. For N. delijani and N. turkestanica new localities and new hosts are reported.

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