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New species of Neotrombicula (Trombiculidae) from Western Kopetdagh

A.A. Stekolnikov

Parazitologiya, 28(3): 194-201 (1994) (In Russian, English summary).


Two new species of Neotrombicula Hirst, 1925 are described from rodents collected in Syunt-Khasardag Reserve, Western Kopetdagh (Turkmenistan). N. orestias sp.n. is similar to N. nagayoi (Sasa e.a., 1950), but differs in barbed lateral seta of palpal tibia, presence of only 6 setae in first dorsal row, another configuration of 2—4 dorsal rows, sharply angulate posterior margin of scutum, more thin dorsal setae and its barbs, strongly barbed sensilla and in some measurable characters (D[mean]=33—39 vs. 40—52 in N. nagayoi, etc.).

N. agriotricha sp.n. is similar to N. minuta (Schluger, 1966) but differs in barbed lateral seta of palpal tibia, another fD (2H-6-6-2-6-4-6-2 vs. 2H-6-6-6-4-4-2 in N. minuta), significantly longer barbs of scutal and dorsal setae, more short and numerous barbs of sensilla and longer setae of idiosoma (D[mean]=39—44 vs. 33—35, V [mean]=31—37 vs. 27—30 in N. minuta). Both new species resemble one another in specific arrangement of D in 3—4th rows, similarly barbed sensilla and D, barbed lateral seta of palpal tibia.

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