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Two new species of mites of the genus Neotrombicula (Trombiculidae) from Western Caucasus

A.A. Stekolnikov

Parazitologiya, 27(4): 289-295 (1993) (in Russian, English Summary).


Two new species of the genus Neotrombicula Hirst, 1925 are described from mice of the genus Apodemus and voles of the genus Microtus collected in Western Caucasus near Maykop, Anapa, and in the Caucasian Reserve (Krasnodar Territory). N. alexandrae sp.n. is similar to N. autumnalis (Shaw, 1790) but differs in some measurable characters (PL=41—49 vs. 54—56, AM=31—34 vs. 41—46, D[mean]=35—40 vs. 46—48, AL>=AM vs. AM>AL in N. autumnalis), and in sensilla barbed only in distal half.

N. abagoensis sp.n. slightly resembles N. autumnalis but differs in significantly greater values of the most part of measurable characters (PW=97—100 vs. 83—88, PL=65—68 vs. 54—56, Ip=887—992 vs. 794—841, m-t=0.238—0.256 vs. 0.168 in N. autumnalis), more numerous idiosomal setae (NDV=66—72 vs. 55—56 in N. autumnalis) and in more thick barbs of dorsal idiosomal setae. All holotypes and paratypes of new species are deposited in the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

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