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Three new species and new records of chigger mites (Acari: Trombiculidae) from Cuba

M. Daniel and A.A. Stekolnikov

Acarina. Russian Journal of Acarology, 14 (1): 69-78 (2006).


Three new species of chigger mites, Colicus famulidistalis sp. n. and Eltonella macroti sp. n. from phyllostomid bats, and Microtrombicula guaurabensis sp. n. from lizards, are described. Three species, Eltonella usitata (Brenann, 1965) comb. n., Loomisia univari (Brennan, 1965), and Hoffmanniella beltrani (Hoffmann, 1949) are recorded for the first time in Cuba on new host species.

Colicus famulidistalis sp. n. differs from all other species of Colicus Brennan, 1970 in having microtarsala of leg I distad of tarsala, versus to proximad, and by the absence of genuala III.

Microtrombicula guaurabensis sp. n. is similar to M. phyllodactyli Webb et Loomis, 1970 but differs from it by 4 sternal setae versus 6 (fSt = 2.2 versus 2.2.2), lesser numbers of idiosomal setae (DS = 26 versus 28, VS = 21—23 versus 26), and much shorter PL, H, and D (18—22, 20—24, and 17—24 versus 34—38, 30, and 23—30 respectively).

Eltonella macroti sp. n. is similar to E. usitata (Brennan, 1965) comb. n. and differs from it in having 4 posterior sternal setae versus 2 (fSt = 2.4 versus 2.2), 8 setae in 1st posthumeral row versus 6, more numerous idiosomal setae (DS = 49—58, VS = 74—91, NDV = 123—147 versus 40, 60, and 100 respectively), and somewhat wider scutum (AW = 65—71 versus 60, PW = 86—94 versus 80).

E. usitata is for the first time recorded on Phyllonycteris poeyi Gundlach, 1860. Loomisia univari and Hoffmanniella beltrani is for the first time recorded on Macrotus waterhousii (Gray, 1843).

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