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A new subgenus and species of the chigger mite genus Neotrombicula (Acari: Trombiculidae)

A.A. Stekolnikov

Acarologia, 40(4): 407-412 (1999[2000]).


One new subgenus, Iranotrombicula n. subg. is established within chigger mite genus Neotrombicula. The subgenus includes 5 species: Neotrombicula sabzavari Kudryashova, 1977 (type species), N. faghihi Kudryashova, 1973, N. mofidi Kudryashova, 1973, N. subtilis Schluger et Kudryashova, 1969, and N. lazistanica n. sp. The new species, Neotrombicula (Iranotrombicula) lazistanica n. sp., is described from rodents collected in North-Eastern Turkey. The new species is similar to N. mofidi and differs from it in presence of 2 setae on coxa III, longer scutal and idiosomal setae (AM=48—59 vs. 23—26, PL=50—64 vs. 43—47, H=55—67 vs. 40—45 in N. mofidi), slightly shorter leg tarsus III (TaIII=72—79 vs. 85—88 in N. mofidi) and slightly broader scutum (AW=68—73, PW=87—95, SB=30—32 vs. 62—66, 82—85 and 27—28, respectively). The new species differs from all other Iranotrombicula in the presence of 3 genualae on leg I and in AM longer than AL.

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